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Please refer to our FAQ for answers to your questions. If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries you may have.

What is an Emergency transfer relay?

In the past, all emergency lights had to be on 24 hours a day to meet safety codes. Now a UL924 listed emergency power control can convert & control up to 20A of normal lighting into approved emergency lighting. When utility power is available, LVS UL924 listed emergency power controls (LUT’S) allow designated emergency lights to be switched or dimmed using the same control as regular lights in the same area. Upon loss of power, LUT’s will switch designated emergency luminaires on, at full brightness, regardless of switch or dimmer position, until utility power is restored.

Are LVS products LED compatible?

All LVS products are designed and tested for use with all LED loads. Additionally, LVS products may be used with fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, induction loads.

Which Emergency Power Control is appropriate for my project?

Please contact us.

Are the LVS LUT relays only compatible with Lutron controls?

No. The LVS LUT EM relays are compatible with any manufactures lighting control system. As long as the relay is appropriate for the specific load type.

What are the advantages of using Emergency transfer relay?

There are many advantages to using Emergency Power Controls. EM Relay’s allows emergency lighting and regular lighting to be consistently controlled from the same switching or dimming device. They also provide peace of mind and ensure code compliance. Lastly, they allow for substantial energy savings when compared with traditional 24/7 night light/emergency light systems.

What are some differences between LVS Emergency relays and other similar devices on the market?

LVS is the leading manufacturer of UL924 listed lighting controls and offers the widest selection of models. You can be sure that you will have the right equipment for your project every time. LVS offers several unique features including patented automatic testing, a wide range of flush and plenum mounting, and the smallest footprint.

What is the LVS Warranty and Return Policy?

LVS Warranty and return policy are provided in this document.

How do I get more information and/or request training on the products?

Please contact us and we can make arraignments for further training and we can offer a live webinar with a LVS engineer if necessary.

How do I purchase LVS products?

LVS is sold thru authorized distributors. To find a local distributor please contact us.

I have a unique application, can you help?

Yes we may have other solutions. We can also provide custom application drawings.
Please contact us with the details.

Any Further Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.